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We are a small business, so are in and out a lot, but answer the phone up to 10 pm Eastern Time.  We have done business under this name since 1993. 

Formerly our business concentrated on watches, only, and we were called Michigan Watch Repair, doing business in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and the U.S. since 1985.  Due to expanding our product line, we changed names. 

We manufacture a lot of what we sell, so you won't find much of it elsewhere, except where we allow others to carry our products. 

We continuously look for ways to improve our products.  We also add new products to round our selection. 

The sales and customer service departments are headed by Sharon Smith, a former Ameritech customer service representative, turned mother. 

The design department is headed by Greg Smith (assisted by head of sales).  He was formerly a senior project engineer on General Motor's EV-1 Electric Vehicle, in production in California.  He has several international patents on the EV-1.

Most recently, he has worked on dynamometer testing of the new 2004 GM Silverado hybrid pickup truck, going on sale in Spring of 2004.  The vehicle fuel economy was boosted from 17 up to 19 MPG city (about 15%) and from 19 up to 20 MPG composite.

The vehicle saves fuel by shutting off at stop lights and by converting braking energy into electrical energy, which is stored in a battery pack under the rear seat.  The truck automatically starts the engine in a 1/3 of a second once the brake pedal is released, to permit the vehicle to drive like the base pickup truck, while still saving fuel.

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