40 Place Locking Aluminum Pocket Watch Case

This aluminum  case is one of the nicest available.  It works well for collectors who have numerous pocket watches.    It measures 18 x 14 x 5 inches  (46 x 36 x 13 cm) and weighs about 8 pounds (4 Kg).

picture of 40 place pocket watch case
The case locks with resetable combination locks.  Finish is a handsome bronze anodized aluminum.

The two removable foam trays are custom designed for this case and stack in the bottom of the case to hold up to 40 pocket watches of 18 size or less.

Picture of 40 Place Pocketwatch Aluminum Case Foam Tray

Tray pockets are about 3/4" deep.  The bottom of the tray is 1/2", allowing this amount of padding between the watches above and below.  Smaller watches can be put into trays and will have a small amount of space around them.

For future product improvements, both trays may be removed  and other trays slipped in (wristwatch trays are planned, as well as others).  This allows for flexibility in use of the case, and good value for you.


Cases are warranted for one year.
Retail price $135, Our price  $109.
If you have questions or would like to order, please e-mail us at sales@thebetterhalf.com