Fine quality wooden watch boxes, leather folding watch pouches, display boxes and cases, protective aluminum carrying cases for your vintage or modern wrist watches, pocket watches, pens, and collectibles. All of our watch boxes, pouches and cases are custom handcrafted by
The better half

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Custom Wooden Boxes

See our  Custom Watch Box page.

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We design and manufacture watch boxes, watch cases, watch displays, and other types of boxes.  Because of this, we can do what most others can't.  We can customize a box for you or we can custom make a box to your designs.

     Our wooden watch boxes are made by furniture and cabinet makers...
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 We normally ship by the postal system using Priority Mail. In instances where an item is bulky and a distance away from us, UPS may be less. In those instances we will advise you. To calculate shipping, look at the weight next to an object and go to the United States Post Office website (click on logo below) to calculate shipping with our zip code of 48350.



 For most items, please temporarily give us a call.

For quantities of more than 1, or for colors and other special attention, please write in the "comments" area of the form.

Also, this is a Small business. Therefore we do everything by hand. That means the computer does NOT charge your credit card when you send an order. We do it all manually when we ship.

Also, there is no server out on the internet where your credit card is stored for hackers to get into. We merely receive a secure e-mail onto our home computer when you order.


About Us

Formerly our "part-time" business concentrated on watches, only, and we were called Michigan Watch Repair, doing business in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and the U.S. since 1985.  Due to expanding our product line, we changed names to The Better Half.

Our full time jobs include work on electric vehicles, hybrids,...
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Better Business Bureau

If in doubt, check us out. We are registered  at the Eastern Michigan Bureau.

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We have been members of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors for more than a decade, which does not permit members to engage in deceitful practices.  Our number is 0099475.

Picture of 24 Place Mahogany Chest

NEW! Discounted Page

We have some items that we are discontinuing or are second quality. This means that there are abnormalities that keep us from selling it as first quality. The abnormalities are described and the prices are discounted for those items. In other cases, we are eliminating particular items, and the prices are discounted on those items, as well.

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NEW! One-of-a-Kind Page

Items that we only made or bought one of are on this page. We aren't able to get more or we have chosen not to make any more. Once they are gone they will no longer be available.

See more about One-of-a-Kind Boxes

. Picture of 24 Place Mahogany Chest

Our specialty is making custom wooden watch and pen boxes.  We can design and make a wooden watch box from scratch from popular woods, like Mahogany, Cherry, and Walnut.  Exotic woods have been used, too, like African Padauk (pronounced "pa - duke"). 

See more about Custom Watch Boxes

Picture of Mahogany Finish Box

Standard design wood watch boxes and pen boxes are available at more economical prices.  These consist of designs which we have made in the past and normally have readily available for faster purchase and delivery. 

See more about Wooden Watch and Pen Boxes.


picture of leather box insideLeather covered wood watch boxes and pen boxes offer another style of watch box.  These accent most home and office decors very nicely, with tans and blacks.  You can get wrist watch boxes that are for traveling, as well.

This page is where the -3- Watch Box / Valet is located.

See more about Leather Covered Watch and Pen Boxes
   Link to display cases

In addition to watch boxes, we make watch display cases.  There are both wristwatch and pocket watch display cases.  These also serve as wrist watch and pocket watch carry cases. 

See more about Watch Display and Carry Cases

picture of 12 place case inside

Leather wrist and pocket watch cases are one of the first items we manufactured.  These work well for storing your collection in your dresser drawer or a safe deposit box.  They are also great for traveling.

See more about Leather Watch Cases


The Better Half
11100 Eagle Rd.
Davisburg, Mich.   48350
Greg and Sharon Smith




We are a small family business, so are in and out a lot, but we will answer up to 10 p.m. Eastern Time. 

Telephone 1-810-444-9959 (with private voicemail)

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